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Who We Are

As a privately owned company we strive to ensure that we are always true to our best values as we aim to provide the best security services we can offer.Parallel Security is ACS approved for the provision of security guarding and door supervision.

Who We Are

Parallel Security is a professional security company based in Wrexham, North Wales.

We’re here to offer excellent service, good value for money and to offer all clients the very best. Over time our business has diversified from being a predominately retail specialist into many other aspects of security.

Parallel Security is ACS approved for the provision of security guarding and door supervisor.

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Our Values

Above all we seek to be fair, open, and honest both within our company and with those we work with.

Open dialogue and clear lines of communication are vital to promoting a healthy internal culture and we will seek the views of our staff and encourage people to challenge if they are concerned.

We are conscious of our corporate social responsibility and the care of the environment.

We will continue to actively support the communities where we work and where we draw our staff.