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CCTV monitoring

CCTV video surveillance provides 24/7 security through camera footage and acts as a significant deterrent for crime prevention.

We supply and professionally install the very latest, state of the art CCTV equipment providing you with the best possible protection for your capital resources and staff.

Whether the location is domestic or commercial, CCTV is a reliable and consistent measure which effectively increases the security of locations and assets.

24 hour Surveillance

CCTV is an effective theft and vandalism deterrent which provides 24 hour surveillance and security using the latest analytical cameras.

Health and Safety Monitoring

CCTV security systems can promote health and safety monitoring by identifying workplace hazards, reducing the risk of workplace accidents, and supporting health and safety compliance.

Speed of Response

CCTV promotes agile and speedy response to incidents as they can be monitored in real time by operators who can trigger the appropriate security response.

Visible Deterance

CCTV is a visible, instant and cost-effective deterrent which can range from a few small cameras to full site-wide surveillance, protecting assets without the costs of in-person staffing.

Benefits of CCTV Systems

Our analytical systems use artificial intelligence to learn their field of view and to distinguish between animals and humans. They also learn human behaviour such as crawling and leaving bags/equipment in unauthorised areas
Around the clock protection of your premises using the latest analytical cameras
Direct Rapid response to alarm activation from our own Response Drivers
No need for CCTV towers, saving time on installation and on the weekly charge
Minimum false alarms using only analytical cameras, which reduce alarm activations
24hr cover knowing your site is protected and being recorded all day, every day
Upgrade your system at any time and add more cameras, Time Lapse Cameras etc
Use our system to monitor Health & Safety on site and monitor remotely via an App

Parallel Security provides cutting edge CCTV solutions using the latest analytical cameras to ensure premises can be constantly surveyed and protected.

With a trusted, efficient, cost-effective and professional service, our experience and expertise means that we can tailor a solution exactly to your specific needs and maximise your security.

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